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 Guesthouse Miyoshi




『We manage the operation of a guest house in the countryside and provide a day trip experience guide.』
Relax with your family and friends.Because it is far from Nagoya and Osaka
If you come this far, forget about your daily life. And enjoy your own time , with your family , with your friends and so on.

As a single-family guesthouse that takes advantage of nature
Deepen family communication
Guesthouse、Visit when you want to turn it off firmly



Standard room without meals plan as an accommodation plan at our private lodging




We do not serve meals at our p lodging. Since you can use the kitchen or rent a BBQ set, the style is such that all guests can cook together, have a barbecue in the garden, and enjoy a meal while having a good time. 


The parking lot has space for two cars, and there is a small space where you can have a barbecue in the garden.


In spring, the whole town is in full bloom with cherry blossoms, and the seafood "Sakura Buri" and the mountain food "Bamboo shoots and edible wild plants" are in season, and the season for tea picking experience comes.♪In summer, you can enjoy playing in the river, watching fireflies, and enjoying ayu and zugani、SUP  in the sea! Autumn leaves, hiking, cycling and stone oven pizza baking experience、In winter, it is the season for sukiyaki of Matsusaka beef and spiny lobster, and you can enjoy strawberry picking, and the starry sky at night is a beautiful view that you can not see in the city .


If you need wifi, please let us know.

Simple projectors and speakers are also available.


(Countermeasures against covid-19)

Our Guesthouse is  registered with airbnb, and we receive infectious disease control manuals and courses, and we carry out infectious disease control and cleaning based on them.


2 Japanese-style rooms (Japanese-style mattress), 1 living room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom




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Accommodation plans

SUP cruising or  play at rever 

[Spring / Summer] Accommodation plan

「A one-night, two-day accommodation plan where you can enjoy the summer by choosing either "SUP in the sea area" or "playing in the river in the mountain area".

Day Camping & Bonfire & BBQ

For outdoor type accommodation plans

Day camping outdoors during the day, and sleeping slowly in our guest room at night.
You can enjoy camping, barbecue and bonfire, and it is a "plan that you can enjoy twice or three times in one night".

[All year]

Bicycle rental & BBQ included

 accommodation plans

・BBQset rental
・Bicycle rental3hours
It is an accommodation plan that includes the above rentals.

With Kamado rice cooking experience

[All year]Relaxing accommodation plan

An accommodation plan where you can experience chopping wood and cooking rice in Kamado. less is more Recommended for those who just want to enjoy the leisurely "time" of the countryside.

Only now! Enjoy seasonal ingredients

accommodation plan

It is a plan to enjoy the seasons. You can buy ingredients at local fishmongers and markets, cook them yourself, and enjoy them in a variety of ways.





Welcome! To Miyoshi

less is more

"There is nothing urban convenience here."
However, there is  rich nature

"Relaxing time" in the Japanese countryside